Interactive CandleStick Chart using R

This blog we will learn to build Candlestick chart for stocks using R. First thing we need to ensure that “plotly” is installed from the GitHub library


A Candlestick chart is frequently used in stocks, security, derivative or currency analysis to describe the price movement. Each candle indicates single day pattern with its open, high, low and close. Basically they look like box plot but they are not relevant to each other.


plot_ly(x = date, open = …, high = …, low = …, close = …, type = “candlestick”)


Lets take an example of Stock price movement of Infosys where green is increasing and red is decreasing movement in stock price.

## [1] "INFY"
# importing data into data frame and limiting to last 30 days
df <- data.frame(Date=index(INFY),coredata(INFY))
df <- tail(df,30)

Next step is to use plot_ly to plot the graph

p <- df %>%
plot_ly(x = ~Date, type="candlestick",
          open = ~INFY.Open, close = ~INFY.Close,
          high = ~INFY.High, low = ~INFY.Low) %>%
  layout(title="CandleStick Chart")

Create an sharable link for chart

# Create a shareable link to your chart
# Set up API credentials:
sharelink = api_create(p,filename="CandleStick")
## Found a grid already named: 'CandleStick Grid'. Since fileopt='overwrite', I'll try to update it
## Found a plot already named: 'CandleStick'. Since fileopt='overwrite', I'll try to update it

Please feel free to ask any questions 🙂

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