#Makeover Monday wk 30 – Paid Maternity Leaves

For #MakeoverMonday week 30 and this is my 50th Post, Eva shared the viz on paid maternity leave for various countries including the OECD. This viz shows the weeks of paid maternity leave and average payment rate across maternity leave.

Here is the original viz :

Original Visualization

Data is available on data.world and source of data was OECD

Whats good?

  • Clear sub-titles with explanation what each chart represents
  • Sorted on number of paid weeks of maternity leave
  • Showing how much each country pays for Maternity leave in %

Here is what I did:

  • First thing I observed was that non-european countries has lower paid maternity weeks than european countries. Hence I filtered for non-european countries and remove all european countries
  • Create Ring chart to show the values on Paid maternity weeks of leave and simple one chart solution to display results.
  • Selected hue-circle color palette to show countries with different colors

Here is the Image of the visualisation I created (Click on image to get interactive version):

Click here for Tableau file

Thanks Eva Murray for this workout.

Happy Data Visualisation!!!!

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