#WorkoutWednesday wk28: Profit Variance

This week #workoutwednesday challenge was set up by Luke Stanke, it was about scaling the data into same level using log axis. Whenever we want to analyse the spread of data we end up having skewed bars with one or two group are at higher levels while others are with tiny bars which makes it difficult to understand their behavior. Here, we will be scaling the axes with log to analyze the per-order profit across sub-categories.


  • Dashboard size is 500 x 700; tiled; 4 sheets
  • Use the superstore dataset. Focus on the Sub-category of the “Technology” category.
  • Show profit per order on the columns (x-axis).
  • Use a parameter to round the profit to the nearest $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, or $1000.
  • Show distinct count of orders on the rows (y-axis). Set your axis to run from 0 to 999.
  • Set the axis to be log.
  • Make sure to assign the highlight color to each sub-category.
  • Filter to orders with profits from -1500 through 1500.
  • Create bars and center them on the appropriate value. Set the width of the bar to the rounded value.
  • Add annotations so they only show when $100 is selected on the parameter.
  • Set the height of the Accessories, Copiers, and Office Supplies to 110 pixels. Set Phones to 160 pixels.
  • Match color, tooltips, and formatting. I’ll be paying attention to all parts.

Data for the workout can be downloaded from here

Here is my output for the challenge (Click on Image for interactive version):

Requirement were very clear and also given few hints (I had to go through them) to derive the end results. Here the steps by step process of creating this Visualisation.

Step 1: Create the parameter with values list from $25 to $1000 (total 6) and create the calculated field with parameter as shown in below image:

Step 2: Create calculated field called RoundProfit as we need to round the profit values based on parameter value:

Duplicate the sub-categories field 3 times and rename them to sub-categories_1, sub-categories_2 and sub-categories_3

Step 3: As per requirement lets add filter for ‘Technology’ as category and drag RoundProfit as put the range between -1500 to 1500

Step 4: Drag Roundprofit field to column area and set type as ‘Dimension’ from the drop down option, Order id field into rows and set measures as distinct count, add dummy field in rows as ‘Accessories’

Based on above requirement, lets convert the y-axis to logarithmic and set range from 0 to 999.

Now, drag Param field (set to dimension) into size to set the size of bars and sub-category field into color along with manual sorting which is very important for our dashboard.

once, we are through with this steps, final thing which we will do it to set stack marks off from Analysis-> Stacks Marks -> Off

Duplicate the sheet for other 3 sub-categories and replace sub-categories field by duplicate which we created and we are through with the sheet creation. After bit and pieces of formatting we are ready with output.

Thanks Luke Stanke for this workout.

Happy Data Visualisation!!!!

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